Add Potlatch 23 to Your Calendar

The text on the main page with the convention date and location is now clickable:

February 21–23, 2014 — Sainte Claire Hotel — San Jose, California

Clicking on the link downloads a little file of calendar information, and allows you to add Potlatch 23 to your calendar. Check it out.

It took me a while to figure out how to do this. I thought it would involve microformats, which are way cool, but in this case they are not the answer. Just create an event in your calendar app, export it, upload the .ics file to the site, and add a link. Old school, simple, and works with the latest smartphones.

Potlatch 23 Progress Report #1

Potlatch 23, the small but perfectly formed literary speculative fiction convention, is coming to San Jose, California on February 21-23, 2014. It will take place at the remarkably attractive and handily central Sainte Claire Hotel in downtown San Jose. Our website is

Registration is now open! Potlatch 23 memberships are $40 through July 15th. Youth memberships are $25. Children (6 and under) are free. Join now to nominate the Book of Honor and participate in the discussion.

You may register online. You may also register by mail. Download our registration form, fill that bad boy out and send it to Potlatch, P.O. Box 103, Mountain View, CA 94042 along with your check. Please make checks payable to Potlatch.

We will be publishing a restaurant guide to the area, so if you have a favorite restaurant in San Jose, let us know!

Want to keep up with us on social media? We have a lovely Facebook page. We’re on Twitter as @potlatch23, because we’re incredibly literal like that! There are Potlatch communities on LiveJournal and DreamWidth. We haven’t started a Tumblr yet: fandom is a bit shy about being photographed and we love to comment. Leave us a message, start a thread to discuss possible Books of Honor, tweet your questions.

We hope you’ll join right away and help us in the fully democratic process of choosing the annual Potlatch Book of Honor. Let your voice be heard! We’re listening.

Publications: Lucy Huntzinger
Chair: Tom Becker
Auction: Dawn Plaskon, Cindy Scott
Hospitality: Sarah Goodman
Logistics: Rich McAllister, Linda McAllister
Local Guide: David Bratman
At-Con Registration: Randy Smith

Early Rate Extended to July 15

We are extending the early registration rate through July 15th. It is only $40, a whole $5 less than the early rate for joining Potlatch 20, three years ago.

On-line registration is now available. It took a while because I had to set up a new Potlatch bank account that is properly linked to Clarion West. I also had to set up a new PayPal account. Anyway, since a lot of people prefer to join on-line, we want to give them a chance to join at the early rate. If you’ve been waiting, this is your chance. Please join before the rate goes up, because it surely will.

I also updated the off-line registration form. If you want to join by mail, the early rate is still available that way too.

Early Registration Rate Extended to May 31

We are extending the early registration rate through May 31. It is only $40, a whole $5 less than the early rate for joining Potlatch 20, three years ago.

If you are wondering when we are going to have on-line registration, it will be soon. We were asked to set up a new Potlatch bank account at a credit union where we won’t have to pay any fees. We have the account, and are finalizing the paperwork of establishing that we are a non-profit. When that is done, we will set up a PayPal account and apply for the non-profit discount.

In the meantime, we have a P.O. Box, and we can take checks made out to “Potlatch”. This is a good way to join. PayPal’s transaction fees are very reasonable, especially with the non-profit discount, but if you send a check we don’t have to pay any fees whatsoever. We’re happy to take checks any time.