Monthly Archives: April 2013

Early Registration Rate Extended to May 31

We are extending the early registration rate through May 31. It is only $40, a whole $5 less than the early rate for joining Potlatch 20, three years ago.

If you are wondering when we are going to have on-line registration, it will be soon. We were asked to set up a new Potlatch bank account at a credit union where we won’t have to pay any fees. We have the account, and are finalizing the paperwork of establishing that we are a non-profit. When that is done, we will set up a PayPal account and apply for the non-profit discount.

In the meantime, we have a P.O. Box, and we can take checks made out to “Potlatch”. This is a good way to join. PayPal’s transaction fees are very reasonable, especially with the non-profit discount, but if you send a check we don’t have to pay any fees whatsoever. We’re happy to take checks any time.