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Potlatch Online

Subscribing to the Potlatch [announce] Mailing List

If you are interested in Potlatch and would like to receive announcements, please subscribe to the Potlatch [announce] mailing list.

When I set up Potlatch [announce], I invited everyone on the old Potlatch address list. Some of the addresses were old and bounced. Some people missed the invitation or didn’t accept it, and after 20 days it expired. If you didn’t get on the list, don’t worry. You can subscribe at any time. Simply go to the [announce] list web page and enter your e-mail address. You should receive an invitation message. Confirm by clicking on the link in the message, or by replying.

Why the extra step of confirming the invitation? Why don’t we automatically subscribe you? It makes sure messages can get to the address. If you are trying to sign up and you don’t receive an invitation message, try again. Maybe there was a typo. Also it protects you from spam. If you receive an invitation in error, or if for any reason you do not wish to receive announcements, you can simply ignore the invite and you will not be subscribed.

You can unsubscribe from the Potlatch [announce] list at any time. Simply go to the [announce] list web page and enter your e-mail address in the “unsubscribe” box.

To make it even easier to get to the Potlatch [announce] list, there is a link in the sidebar on every page. Look for the “Mailman” envelope icon.

Registering on

Registering as a user on the web site enables you to comment on the site and to vote on the book of honor and the program.

Note: I relaxed the requirements for commenting and voting so you do not have to be registered as a user. We’re going to see how it goes. It means the site gets a lot more spam comments that have to be deleted by the moderators. But it may be worth it if it makes the site easier for the Potlatch community to use.

To register, click on the Register link here, or in the sidebar on every page.

When you register as a user, you will need to enter an email address and the password you want to use. You should get a confirmation email, which you will need to confirm in order to complete the registration. Registering as a user is completely separate from the [announce] mailing list. You don’t have to use the same address.

You can control how your name is displayed on the site. You can choose to display your email address (which is your user name), your name, or a nickname. Just log in and go to “Edit my profile”.

Why don’t we automatically register you as a user? We would have to make up a password for you, and send it to you in the clear so you could enter it the first time, and require you to change it. It actually ends up being more steps than if you register yourself.

We are hoping at some time to enable logins from social networks such as Facebook and Google+.

Joining as a Member of Potlatch 23

You can join as a member of Potlatch 23 at the registration page. If you haven’t already, please do so!

When you join, we get the email address that you used with PayPal or that you wrote on the registration form. If you want to use a different email address on the web site, no problem. Just let us know.

As a member, you are entitled to vote on the Book of Honor and participate in creating the program, regardless of whether you register as a site user. You may participate via email, poctsarcd, or hand-delivered scraps of paper.

Potlatch 23 Progress Report #2

Memberships Still Available:

Potlatch 23 memberships are still available at the very reasonable rate of $50 for adults, $25 for youths, and $0 for children 6 and under. Get yours now before the holiday rush! You can join on-line at our registration page. We are also happy to accept memberships by mail. You can get the form at the same web address.

Writers Workshop Registration Open:

The Potlatch 23 Writers Workshop is open for registration. It is a Clarion West-style workshop. It will take place on Saturday during the lunch break so you don’t have to miss any of the Potlatch program. If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please contact Jude-Marie Green here.

Book of Honor Nominations Announced:

Twelve books have been nominated as the Book of Honor. Check them out at the Book of Honor page and make your case for your favorite in the comments. Voting is now open.

Potlatch Party at Orycon:

Saturday, November 9: There will be a Potlatch party, co-hosted with Loncon 3, at OryCon 35. We will also be sharing a fan table with Loncon 3. If you can make it to OryCon we’d love to see you. There will be some special treats at the party that will be familiar to previous Potlatch members. We’ll be happy to register you as a member of Potlatch 23, either at the party or the fan table. You will be able to vote on the Book of Honor nominations at OryCon.

Potlatch on Social Media:

Twitter: @potlatch23


Chair: Tom Becker
Registration: Tom Becker
At-Con Registration: Randy Smith
Auction: Dawn Plaskon, Cindy Scott
Hospitality: Sarah Goodman
Publications: Lucy Huntzinger
Logistics: Rich McAllister, Linda McAllister
Local Guide: David Bratman
Writers Workshop: Jude-Marie Green