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Potlatch 11 Hotel Directions

Getting to the Hotel by Car

Take the Mercer/Fairview Exit (north or south bound) from Interstate 5; at the bottom of the ramp, turn right on Fairview while staying in the farthest left hand lane; bank around to the right and then turn immediately left at the next light onto Broad Street; stay on Broad in the left lane for about one-half mile, passing under two overpasses; there will be a left-hand turn lane at Taylor (at a Power Station), turn left onto Taylor and the hotel is directly on your left.

From Aurora (SR99) southbound, turn right at Denny and right onto Taylor, then north on Taylor.

The Executive Inn has a large underground parking lot, which is free to hotel guests and reasonably priced for non-guests. There are also lots all around and on-street parking, which is free after 6 PM. The hotel connects with the elevator for loading and unloading cars, etc., without going through the lobby.

Getting to the Hotel from the Airport

Sea-Tac is undergoing a major renovation and many things are not where they used to be, but this update should help.

  • Take Shuttle Express (directly to the hotel). This will cost $21 for one person, $3 for a second person, $4 for additional riders, up to $46 for an Exclusive Van, and will usually take about 20 minutes. After claiming your luggage, follow the red and black signs "To Ground Transportation" to the third floor parking garage; they are located near the Ground Transportation Center. For you to return to the airport, you will need to make an advance reservation a day before your departure; call them at (425) 981-7000 or at 1-800-487-7433. Or see
  • Take a Taxi. This will cost about $28 to the hotel and, due to a City law, $25 back to the airport.
  • Take Metro (Seattle's public transportation). Very inexpensive! Should you decide to brave Metro from the airport, call them anytime at (206) 553-3000; tell them where you are and where you want to go, and they'll tell you how to get there. Or check their Web site:
    Once in downtown, the hotel is closest to the #3 and #4 Queen Anne Bus routes. They run up and down Third Avenue downtown; the closest stop to the hotel is at Fifth Avenue and John Street, about a block away.

If you have questions about the hotel or need help with a travel-related problem, please email Suzanne Tompkins at

-- Suzanne Tompkins

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