Potlatch 11

potlatch n. (1) A ceremonial feast among certain Native American peoples of the northwest Pacific coast . . . at which the host distributes gifts requiring reciprocation [Chinook<Nootka patshatl, to make a potlatch gift]. (2) A gathering of the writers and readers of literary science fiction and fantasy at which participants exchange ideas.

What's New (last updated Monday, March 11, 2002)


The permanent home page for the current Potlatch is here. Potlatch 11 is now in the past.

The Clarion West Auction catalog has been posted.

Memberships are available at the door.

Banquet tickets may be reserved by emailing Suzanne Tompkins.

Basic Information

  • What: Potlatch 11, a discussion-oriented science fiction convention
  • When: February 22-24, 2002
  • Where: The Best Western Executive Inn in Seattle, Washington. This is a grand new hotel for us, near Seattle Center. More information here.

Potlatch 11 offers the chance for both serious opinionating and frantic fun; for writers to brainstorm together, for readers to understand writers, for writers to appreciate readers; for fans to enumerate, elaborate, berate, be great; for book buying, outbidding, intense dining, barnstorming in the bar; for dancing in the 'hood, experiencing music, projecting personae; and for giving generously while supporting the Clarion West Writers Workshop.

A Note from the Chair


  • Memberships in Potlatch 11 cost:
    • $55 at the door. We want to see you!

    To reserve a banquet ticket, email Suzanne Tompkins by Wednesday, February 20, 2002. The hotel would like an approximate number.

  • If you're wondering if you have your membership yet, you can view our current membership list.

How to Contact Us

  • Internet: kate@oz.net
  • Postal: Potlatch 11, 2002, PO Box 31848 Seattle, WA 98103-1848
  • Individual committee members can be contacted through the Committee List.

Potlatch Memories

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Potlatch Conreps

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