Potlatch 13 Hospitality

The hospitality area (aka con suite) at Potlatch is the crossroads, the heart of the con. If you want to find a con member, this is a good place. If you don't know many con members, volunteering here will get you acquainted with folks quickly! This year at the Exectutive Inn, it will be close to the main programming area (right across the hall), so very convenient. Special food events at various times because the hotel likes it like that -- the fruit kabobs Saturday night are my favorite! We'll also have tempura prawns on Friday night and seafood-stuffed mushrooms Saturday afternoon.

I hope to make it cozy and flexible, with refreshments and tasty beverages. Toys, too!

For the first time at a Seattle Potlatch, we will have WiFi available in the hotel for a suggested donation.

Also happening in the consuite is the Tiptree Bake Sale, 3 pm Saturday afternoon.

-- Anita Rowland

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