Potlatch 13 Membership Form

  • Memberships in Potlatch 13 are available at the following rates:
    • $40 until February 15, 2004
    • $20 for people aged 11 to 17. (Under 11 free when accompanied by an adult.)
    • $10 supporting (convert to attending at rate in effect at time of conversion.)
  • Make checks payable to "Potlatch 13".

Please print out this form, fill it out, and mail it with your payment

        Potlatch 13
        PO Box 31848
	    Seattle, WA 98103-1848

List any additional names and addresses on the back or on a separate

Name _____________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________

City/State _______________________________________________________

ZIP/Postal Code __________________  Phone ________________________

Alternate Badge Name _____________________________________________

E-Mail Address ___________________________________________________

Please tell us where you found out about this Web page:


  [] I want ___ banquet tickets at $22 each (to be picked up at
     the convention) 

  [] I would like to participate in the writers' workshop

  [] Tell me about how to create or receive a sponsored membership

  [] This is an interesting topic to talk/write/act/dance/sing
     /sketch/kvetch about at Potlatch: ___________________________



Amount received:____   Check number:____ 	

Other information requested/comments:


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