Potlatch 13 Clarion West Partial Auction Catalog

This year's auction features many terrific books, manuscripts, and proofs, paintings, jewelry, clothing, and eccentric collectibles. This is only a partial catalog, as I'm frantically cataloging and sorting. I'll still be doing so up to the last minute, as stuff arrives at the convention.

No online bidding will be accepted; the auction will take place 1 pm, Sunday, February 29, 2004, at Potlatch 13, and will be open to members of the convention only. Cash, checks, and credit card will all be accepted. All proceeds will go to the Clarion West Scholarship Fund to help aspiring writers attend the Clarion West Writers Workshop. More information is available at the Web site, www.clarionwest.org.

-- Kate Schaefer


Description Author/Artist Title
Programme book Albacon 85 Albacon 85 Programme Book
Harcourt Brace trade paperback 1997 Kathleen Alcala Spirits of the Ordinary
Harper & Row, 1975 1st US ed Brian W. Aldis and Harry Harrison, eds Hell's Cartographers
Cygnet paperback 1964 Brian Aldiss Starswarm
Lancer paperback 1968 Brian W. Aldiss Report on Probability A
Magazine 1999 Amazing Stories Amazing Stories #600
Ballantine paperback, 1960, Powers cover Kingsley Amis New Maps of Hell
Tor hardcover 2001 Poul Anderson Conan the Rebel
Tor hardcover 2002 Poul Anderson Going for Infinity
Ace hardcover 1998 Patricia Anthony Flanders
Morrow hardcover 1991 first ed Eleanor Arnason A Woman of the Iron People
Tor proof 1993 Eleanor Arnason Ring of Swords
Morrow hardcover 1991 with letter to Tiptree judge (This was one of the first Tiptree winners) Eleanor Arnason Woman of the Iron People, The
Tor hardcover 2001 Catherine Asaro Spherical Harmonic
French paperback 1966 Isaac Asimov Fondation (Foundation)
Pyramid paperback  1962 Isaac Asimov The Caves of Steel
Doubleday hardcover 1992 Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg The Positronic Man
Potlatch 6 T-shirt, XL, black Freddie Baer Potlatch 6 T-shirt, XL, black
Avon paperback 1984 1st edition autographed Sharon Baker Quarreling, They Met the Dragon
Lester & Orpen Dennys hardcover 1987 J. G. Ballard The Day of Creation
Tor paperback 1993 John Barnes A Million Open Doors
Tor advanced uncorrected proofs 1991 John Barnes Orbital Resonance
Tor hardcover 1991 John Barnes Orbital Resonance
Tor hardcover 1991 with publicity letter John Barnes Orbital Resonance
Warner Books hardcover 1st edition Steven Barnes Lion's Blood
Warner hardcover 2002 Steven Barnes Lion's Blood
Eclipse Comics 1988 autographed Donna Barr Desert Peach, The, No. 1
Eclipse Comics 1988 autographed Donna Barr Dreamery, The
Doubleday Foundation hardcover 1990 William Barton and Michael Capobiance Iris
Harper Prism paperback 1995 Steven Baxter The Time Ships
DelRey paperback 1969, 13th printing Peter S. Beagle The Last Unicorn
Fanzine 1964 Clint Bigglestone, Howard Waldrop, Victor Baron Cortana Vol. 1, No. 1
West Coast Poetry Review paperback 1980 Bishop, Malzberg, McAllister Their Immortal Hearts: Three Visions of Time
Harper & Row hardcover 1976 1st printing Michael Bishop And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees
Ace paperback 1992, used James P. Blaylock Lord Kelvin's Machine
Ace paperback 1989 James P. Blaylock Stone Giant
Avon paperback 1962 James Blish A Life for the Stars
Avon paperback 1966 James Blish Earthman, Come Home
Fanzine, 1978 Jan Bogstad & Jeanne Gomoll Janus 10
Talisman poetry chapbook 1992 Bruce Boston Cybertexts
Forge uncorrected proof 1999 Doug Bowman The Copelands
Self-published story collection 2003 Moe Bowstern, intro by Ursula K. Le Guin Second Set-out
Ace hardcover 1999 Bruce Boxleitner Frontier Earth
Penguin CAF paperback 1981 T. Coraghessan Boyle Water Music
Los Angeles Times Books picture book intro by Ray Bradbury Amy Dawes et al Imagining Los Angeles
Limited edition chapterbook, 2000, #64 of 300 Ray Bradbury A Celebration of Ray Bradbury
Bantam paperback 1962 Ray Bradbury The Martian Chronicles
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Hanovie Braddock (Bruce Holland Rogers) Magic the Gathering: Ashes of the Sun
Daw paperback 1994 Marian Zimmer Bradley & Mercedes Lackey Rediscovery: A Novel of Darkover
Signed French paperback Marion Zimmer Bradley Chronicles of Darkover
Uncorrected proof - 2 Marion Zimmer Bradley Gravelight
Tor hardcover 2001 Paul Brandon Swim the Moon
Coward-McCann hardcover 1953, no jacket, anthology Reginald Bretnor, ed. Modern Science Fiction
Bantam hardcover 1995, trilogy book one David Brin Brightness Reef
Nelson Doubleday hardcover 1983, Startide Rising + The Uplift War David Brin Earthclan
Manuscript copy John Brizzolara Empire's Horizon
Ace paperback 1962 John Brunner The Super Barbarians
Ace trade paperback 1999 Steven Brust The Book of Jhereg
Ace trade paperback 1999 Steven Brust The Book of Jhereg
Pocket Timescape paperback 1981, paperback first Edward Bryant Particle Theory
Headband , 1979 Unknown Buckaroo Banzai promotional headband
Tor trade paperback 2002 Pat Cadigan Dervish Is Digital
Ace paperback 1994 Don Callander Geomancer
Orb paperback 2001 Orson Scott Card The Folk of the Fringe
Ace trade paperback 1999 Jerry Jay Carroll Dog Eat Dog
Ace trade paperback 1999 Jerry Jay Carroll Dog Eat Dog
Orb trade paperback & publicity packet2002 Jonathan Carroll Bones of the Moon
hardcover Jeffrey A. Carver Eternity's End
Tor paperback 2000 Jeffrey A. Carver Eternity's End
Manuscript copy Jeffrey Carver From a Changeling Star
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Robert N. Charette Eye of the Serpent
Orb paperback 2001 Suzy McKee Charnas The Furies
Uncorrected proof C. J. Cherryh Fortress of Owls
Ballantine paperback 1963 Arthur C. Clarke Earthlight
Bantam hardcover 1999 Arthur C. Clarke & Michael Kube-McDowell The Trigger
Avon Books paperback 1988 2nd printing Paul Preuss Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime Vol. 2: Maelstrom
Avon Books paperback 1989 1st printing Paul Preuss Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime Vol. 3: Hide and Seek
Tor paperback 1997 Jo Clayton Drum Calls
Tor uncorrected proof 1997 Jo Clayton Drum Calls
hardcover Jo Clayton Drum Warning
DAW paperback 1979 Jo Clayton Maeve
Easton Press leather collector's ed, 1987 Hal Clement Mission of Gravity
Easton Press limited edition 1987 Hal Clement Mission of Gravity
Pocket paperback 1980 D. G. Compton Chronocules
Pocket paperback 1980 D. G. Compton The Steel Crocodile
Pocket paperback 1980 D. G. Compton The Unsleeping Eye
Timescape paperback 1981 Adam Corby The Former King
Ceramic and plastic sculpture Unknown Space cow
Timescape paperback 1981 Richard Cowper A Dream of Kinship
Pocket paperback 1981 Richard Cowper Profundis
Pocket paperback 1979 Richard Cowper The Road to Corlay
Dragon Press chapbook 1986 Kathryn Cramer et al The Little Magazine Vol 14, No. 3
Dragon Press chapbook 1986 Kathryn Cramer et al The Little Magazine Vol 15, No. 1
Ace paperback 1992, used A. C. Crispin with Deborah A. Marshall StarBridge Book 4: Serpent's Gift
Manuscript Ronald Anthony Cross Hotel Mind Slaves
Bantam paperback 1983 1st mass market pb printing John Crowley Little, Big
Doubleday Foundation paperback 1989 John Crowley Novelty -- Four stories
Dell paperback 1981 Jack Dann Junction
Avon Eos hardcover 2000 Dennis Danvers The Fourth World
Harper Collins Eos hardcover, 2002, missing jacket Dennis Danvers The Watcher
Foul Matter for OMNI's Best SF 1, autographed Ellen Datlow Omni's Best SF
Pyramid paperback 1965 Avram Davidson Masters of the Maze
Roc paperback 2001 Arwen Elys Dayton Resurrection
Owlswick Press, postcard to Vonda from George Scithers L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine C. De Camp Science Fiction Handbook, revised
Ace paperback 1986 Charles de Lint Yarrow
Ballantine paperback 1984 Delacorte Diva
Manuscript (Xerox) -- autographed Samuel R. Delany Stars in my Pocket like Grains of Sand
Incunabula uncorrected proofs 1992 Samuel R. Delany They Fly at Çiron
Norwescon chain story Samuel R. Delany, McIntyre, et alia The Round Robins
G.P. Putnam's Sons 1987 hardcover 1st edition Gene DeWeese Calvin Nullifier, The
Philip K. Dick society newsletters Paul Williams Newsletters of the PKD Society
Signed covers - set 1 Gordon R. Dickson Time Storm
Signed covers - set 2 Gordon R. Dickson Time Storm
Ace hardcover 2001 William C. Dietz Deathday
Hill and Wang 1983 published play (hardcover) John DiFusco et al Tracers
Warner Books paperback 1999 1st printing Sharman DiVono Blood Moon
Art, Flower Fairy Lela Dowling  
St. Martin's/Griffin advance uncorrected proofs 2002 Gardner Dozois The Year's Best Science Fiction: Nineteenth Annual Collection
Tor advance reading copy 1997 David Drake Lord of the Isles
Harper Collins hardcover 1995 Daniel Easterman Night of the Apocalypse
Eos hardcover 2002 Greg Egan Schild's Ladder
Trident Press hardcover 1973 Joseph Elder Eros in Orbit
Feminist Press trade paperback 2000 (1984) Suzette Haden Elgin Native Tongue
Belmont paperback 1967, foreword by Roger Zelazny Harlan Ellison From the Land of Fear
Pyramid Books paperback 1965 Harlan Ellison Paingod and Other Delusions
Ace SF paperback 1982 Harlan Ellison Spider Kiss
Ace SF paperback 1982 Harlan Ellison Spider Kiss
Ace SF paperback 1982 Harlan Ellison Spider Kiss
Avon paperback, 1st paperback. ed. Harlan Ellison, ed. Partners in Wonder
Ace paperback 1998 P. N. Elrod A Chill in the Blood
Ace paperback 1994 P. N. Elrod Death and the Maiden
Penrhyn Publishing magazine 1987 -- First issue Ross Emry Argos Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, Winter 1988, First Issue
Ace paperback 1994 Rutledge Etheridge The First Duelist
Babel SF(Netherlands) paperback, 1995 Paul Evenblij and Paul Harland Systems of Romance
Uncorrected proof Philip Jose Farmer Northing Burns in Hell
Tor uncorrected proof 2000 Mick Farren Darklost
St. Martin's Press hardcover 2001 Samuel C. Florman The Aftermath: A Novel of Survival
Hughes comb-bound paper 1974 Dr. Robert L. Forward Far Out Physics
Hughes comb-bound paper 1974 Dr. Robert L. Forward Far Out Physics
Hughes comb-bound paper 1976 Dr. Robert L. Forward Infra/Interstellar Exploration Two JPL Seminars
Harper Torch paperback 2001 Neil Gaiman American Gods
Bantam paperback 1964 Peter George Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying, etc.
Signet paperback 1977, autographed to Ursula Le Guin David Gerrold Moonstar Odyssey
Ballantine paperback 1972 David Gerrold Space Skimmer
Ballantine paperback 1973 David Gerrold The World of Star Trek
Berkley trade paperback 2003, autographed William Gibson Idoru
Ace original pb 1984 1st printing William Gibson Neuromancer
Bantam Spectra hardcover 1993 William Gibson Virtual Light
Tor advance uncorrected proofs 1997 Molly Gloss Dazzle of Day, The
Recipe portfolio, 30 prints, 6th edition David L. Goines, Alice Waters Thirty Recipes Suitable for Framing
Permabook paperback 1962 H. L. Gold, ed. Bodyguard and 4 other short science fiction novels from Galaxy
Permabook paperback 1963 H. L. Gold, ed. Mind Partner and 8 other novelets from Galaxy
Bantam hardcover 1985 1st printing Lisa Goldstein Dream Years, The
Firebrand Books paperback 1991 Jewelle Gomez The Gilda Stories
Avon hardcover 2000 Kathleen Ann Goonan Crescent City Rhapsody
Avon hardcover, 2000, autographed Kathleen Ann Goonan Crescent City Rhapsody
Watercolor painting Kathleen Ann Goonan Imperative #9
Tor hardcover, 1997, autographed Kathleen Ann Goonan Mississippi Blues
Tor hardcover, 1994, autographed Kathleen Ann Goonan Queen City Jazz
Tor hardcover, 1996, autographed Kathleen Ann Goonan The Bones of Time
Tor uncorrected proof 1996 Kathleen Ann Goonan The Bones of Time
Tor advance uncorrected proofs 1999 Phyllis Gotlieb Violent Stars
Roc paperback 1994 Simon R. Green Shadows Fall
Del Rey Discovery 1993 1st edition Nicola Griffith Ammonite
St. Martin's hardcover, autographed, dust jacket poor Joe Haldeman All My Sins Remembered
Ace paperback 2001 Joe Haldeman The Coming
Del Rey paperback 1983 1st edition Barbara Hambly Armies of Daylight, The
Del Rey paperback 1994 Barbara Hambly Bride of the Rat God
DelRey paperback, 1991 1st, clean Barbara Hambly The Magicians of Night
Ballantine paperback, 1988 Barbara Hambly The Silicon Mage
DelRey paperback, 1983 Barbara Hambly The Walls of Air
Del Rey paperback 1988 Barbara Hambly Those who Hunt the Night
Del Rey paperback 1982 2nd printgin Barbara Hambly Time of the Dark, The
Ace hardcover 2000 Laurell K. Hamilton Obsidian Butterfly
Harper Prism paperback 1995 Elizabeth Hand 12 Monkeys
Ace paperback 1966 Harry Harrison Make Room! Make Room!
Tor advance reading copy 1993 Harry Harrison The Hammer and the Cross
Timescape paperback 1980 Paul Hazel Yearwood
Team Banzai headband Earl mac Rausch Team Banzai headband (publicity item)
Manuscript (Xerox) -- inscribed Robert A. Heinlein Are you a "rare blood"?
Baen hardcover 2001 Robert A. Heinlein Beyond This Horizon
Holt, Rinehart & Winston hardcover (first edition but not limited edition) autographed on flyleaf and inscribed on title page Robert A. Heinlein Friday
Putnam's hardcover 1966, no jacket, from library of Vonda N. McIntyre Robert A. Heinlein The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Ace hardcover 1991 Howard V. Hendrix Better Angels
Stackpole Books hardcover 1977 T.A. Heppenheimer Colonies in Space
Ace paperback 1990 Brian Herbert The Race for God
Berkley paperback 1979 Frank Herbert Soul Catcher
Berkley paperback 1966 Frank Herbert The Eyes of Heisenberg
Shrink-wrapped 5 paperbacks Frank Herbert The Jesus Incident, etc.
Berkley paperback 1970 Frank Herbert Whipping Star
Harper Prism paperback 1996 James Herbert The Ghosts of Sleeth
Comic book 1994 Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez Love & Rockets #46
Tor bound manuscript  2000 David Herter Ceres Storm
Watson-Guptill paperback 2001 Greg and Tim Hildebrandt Greg and Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years
HarperCollins hardcover 1st edition Tony Hillerman Wailing Wind, The
Bantam Spectra paperback 1995 Robin Hobb Assassin's Apprentice
Pan paperback 1979 Robert Holdstock & Christopher Priest, eds. Stars of Albion
DAW paperback 2001 Tanya Huff Of Darkness, Light, and Fire
Cover proof w/appraisal Mel Hunter The Artist
Cover proof w/appraisal Mel Hunter Two Ships
Cover proof w/appraisal Mel Hunter Wind-Up Toys
ICAO Bulletin 1973 (space shuttle) International Civil Aviation ICAO Bulletin April 1973
Popular Library paperback 1962 Shirley Jackson We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Ace paperback 1999 Brian Jacques Mattimeo
Ace paperback 1998 Brian Jacques Mossflower
University of Washington chapbook 1978 Charles Johnson et al Seattle Review, Vol 1, No. 2, Fall 1978
Tor paperback 1998 Gwyneth Jones Phoenix Café
Tor hardcover 1991 Janet Kagan Mirabile
St. Martin's Press uncorrected proof 1987 James Kahn Echo Vector, The
Ace paperback 1998 Michael Kanaly Virus Clans
TSR Bound galley 1991 Robert B. Kelly The Cloud People
Uncorrected proof Katharine Kerr Freeze Frames
Tor hardcover 2001 J. Robert King Lancelot du Lethe
Viking hardcover 1990, four novellas Stephen King Four Past Midnight
Forge uncorrected proof 1999 Dave Klein Fourth Down
Bantam Books paperback 1985 T. E. D. Klein The Ceremonies
KLI postcard Lawrence *** KLI wants you
Scott, Foresman, & Co. paperback 1974, foreward by Ray Bradbury Leo B. Kneer, editorial direction Science Fact/Fiction
Fawcett paperback 1972 Damon Knight A For Anything
Ballantine paperback 1959, anthology C. M. Kornbluth The Marching Morons
Borzoi hardcover 1977 William Kotzwinkle Fata Morgana
Harper Prism/White Wolf paperback 1996 Staley Krause & Stewart Wieck, editors The World of Darkness: Strange City
Hougton Mifflin paperback textbook 1978 Donald L. Lawler Approaches to Science Fiction
Miniature book in slip case, limited edition, autographed, Oxhead Press, 1992 Ursula K. Le Guin Findings
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Ursula K. Le Guin Four Ways to Forgiveness
Embroidered bookmark Ursula Le Guin Harekki of East Reach on Flower Stem
Small oddments bag, linen Ursula Le Guin San Blas Mola, done in embroidery
Cheap Street chapbook, October 1980 -- Presentation Copy "M" Fritz Leiber Ervool
Pocket paperback 1980 Fritz Leiber The Sinful Ones
Macmillan paperback 1973 C. S. Lewis Out of the Silent Planet
Uncorrected proof Morgan Llywelyn Strongbow: The Story of Richard and Aoife
St. Martin's/Marek, 1984 1st US James Lovelock and Michael Allaby The Greening of Mars
Berkley uncorrected proof 1979 Elizabeth A. Lynn Dancers of Arun, The
Putnam hardcover 1980 1st edition Elizabeth A. Lynn Northern Girl, The
Bantam paperback 1988 R. A. MacAvoy A Trio for Lute
Berkley paperback 1976 Katherine MacLean Missing Man
Tor trade paperback 2002 Ken MacLeod The Star Fraction
Ace Books trade paperback 1st printing Louise Marley Glass Harmonica, The
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Ann Marston Kingmaker's Sword
Vintage books paperback 1975 1st printing Magoroh Maruyama and Arthur Harkins Cultures beyond the Earth
Crestwood House paperback 1975 Julian May Muhammad Ali Boxing Superstar
Crestwood House paperback 1975 Julian May Muhammad Ali, Boxing Superstar
Ace paperback 1994 Anne McCaffrey & Jody Lynn Nye Treaty at Doona
Gollancz paperback 2000 Wil McCarthy The Collapsium
HarperPrism hardcover Jack McDevitt Eternity Road
Bantam Spectra 1994 Ian McDonald Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone
Tor hardcover 2001 Terry McGarry Illumination
Publicity material -- folder and cover flat Ace publicity department Starfarers
Dell uncorrected proof 1994 F. Gwynplaine McIntyre The Woman Between the Worlds
Dreamsnake cover proof Pocket Books art department Dreamsnake cover proof
Moon and the Sun publicity covers, autographed Pocket Books publicity dept Moon and the Sun publicitycovers
Timescape books cover color separation Timescape art department Fireflood and Other Stories cover -- color separation
Blue glass bead scarf Vonda McIntyre Blue glass bead scarf
Glass bead/stone book weight Vonda McIntyre Glass bead/stone book weight
Gold glass bead/clear glass marbles book weight Vonda McIntyre Gold glass bead/clear glass marbles book weight
Green glass bead scarf Vonda McIntyre Green glass bead scarf
Bantam Doubleday Dell original setting copy autographed Vonda N. McIntyre Crystal Star, The
Moebius scarf Vonda N. McIntyre Moebius scarf
12 hardcover Vonda N. McIntyre Superluminal
Cool denim tote bag with needlepoint panel Vonda N. McIntyre  
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Dixie Lee McKeone World of Aden: Thunderscape: The Sentinel
Bantam uncorrected proof1990 Dennis L. McKiernan Dragondoom
Atheneum paperback 1976 Patricia A. McKillip The Night Gift
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Teri McLaren Magic the Gathering: Song of Time
Pyramid paperback 1863 Dean McLaughlin The Fury from Earth
Scribner advanced reading copy Sarah Micklem Firethorn
Bantam paperback 1964 Walter M. Miller, Jr. A Canticle for Leibowitz
Ballantine paperback 1962 Walter M. Miller, Jr. Conditionally Human
Baen paperback 2000 Elizabeth Moon Against the Odds
Harper Prism paperback 1996 James A. Moore The World of Darkness: Hellstorm
Peacock paperback 1964, "This is My Book" - Le Guin Ruth Morris The Runaway
Forge uncorrected proof 1996 Earl Murray Spirit of the Moon
NASA pamphlets and photos NASA NASA pamphlets and pictures
National Geographic hardcover space photo book 2001 with star map William Harwood Space Odyssey: Voyaging through the Cosmos
Warner Books paperback 2001 1st printing Rebecca Neason Thirteenth Scroll, The
Tor paperback 1985 Sharan Newman Guinevere Evermore
Gollancz, London 1976, w/inscription to Vonda Peter Nicholls, ed Science Fiction at Large
Tor uncorrected proof w/book jacket 1999 Andre Norton & Sherwood Smith Echoes in Time
Ace paperback 1999 Nick O'Donohoe The Gnomewrench in the Dwarfworks
Signet paperback 1961 George Orwell 1984
Star paperback 1977 Edgar Pangborn A Mirror For Observers
Dell paperback 1980 Edgar Pangborn West of the Sun
Avon hardcover 1999, autographed Severna Park The Annunciate
Summit hardcover, 1982, first edition Marge Piercy Braided Lives
Tor uncorrected proof 1985 Daniel M. Pinkwater Young Adults
Addison-Wesley hardcover 1989, comentaries collection Daniel Pinkwater Fish Whistle
Scholastic / Apple paperback, 1980 1st Daniel Pinkwater The Magic Mosco
Lothrop, Lee & Shepard hardcover 1984 Daniel Pinkwater The Snarkout Boys and The Baconbury Horror
Dutton hardcover 1981 Daniel Pinkwater The Worms of Kukumlima
Pocket Books publicity Pocket Books Pocket Review March 1981
Berkley paperback 1986 Frederik Pohl Terror
Tusk Overlook trade paper 1994 Rachel Pollack Temporary Agency
Art poster, black & white, 25" x 18", good condition Alan Schein, photographer New York (Chrysler Building)
Movie promo poster Poster Psycho III poster
Video poster, 4-color, 40" x 26", good condition Starring Arnold Schwartzenegger & Linda Hamilton Terminator 2
Video poster, 4-color, 40" x 26", poor condition, taped Starring Arnold Schwartzenegger & Linda Hamilton Terminator 2
Video poster, 4-color, 40" x 26", good condition Starring Mickey Mouse & Shostakovich Fantasia
Ballantine paperback 1970 Fletcher Pratt & L. Sprague de Camp Land of Unreason
Charles Scribner's Sons hardcover 1971 1st printing Christopher Priest Infinite Summer, An
Scribner's hardcover 1981 Christopher Priest The Affirmation
Fanzine of vicious anonymous book reviews Pseudonymous, var. Venom No. 1
Fanzine of vicious anonymous book reviews Pseudonymous, var. Venom No. 2
Fanzine of vicious anonymous book reviews Pseudonymous, var. Venom No. 2
Fanzine of vicious anonymous book reviews Pseudonymous, var. Venom No. 2
financial software Quicken QuickBooks Pro 2001
Pyramid paperback  1976 Marta Randall Islands
Pocket paperback 1978 Marta Randall Journey
Ace hardcover 1993 1st printing Bill Ransom Viravax
Galleys, autographed Bill Ransom Viravax
Regnery Gateway hardcover 1990 Dixy Lee Ray & Lou Guzzo Trashing the Planet
Tor paperback 2000 Robert Reed Marrow
Roc paperback 1992 J. F. Rivkin Age of Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Roc trade paperback 2002 Kim Stanley Robinson Nebula Awards Showcase 2003
Tor paperback 1990 Kim Stanley Robinson Pacific Edge
Bantam paperback 2002 Kim Stanley Robinson Years of Rice and Salt, The
Dell paperback 1980 Spider & Jeanne Robinson Stardance
Rockwell International magazine 1973 (Space shuttle) Rockwell Skyline, Vol 31, Number 4, 1973
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Shirley Rousseau Cat on the Edge
Ace SF Special 1970 1st printing Joanna Russ And Chaos Died
Russian astronomical postcards Russian postcards Star Way of Humanity
Penguin trade paperback 1992 Geoff Ryman Was
Ace paperback 1980, used Fred Saberhagen Thorn
Tor paperback 1994 Robert J. Sawyer End of an Era
St. Martin's paperback, 2000 Steven Saylor Last Seen in Massilia
Uncorrected proof Frank Schaefer Whose Song Is Sung
Forge uncorrected proof 2000 Richard Sears First Born
DelRey paperback 1992, 1st ed. Carol Severance Demon Drums
T-shirt, L, black , shirt of the month Freddie Baer  
T-shirt, XXL, white, The Moon and the Sun cover The Moon and the Sun
Capricon 13 t-shirt    
Clarion West 1991 t-shirt    
George RR Martin promo t-shirt    
T-shirt Clarion West 1991    
T-shirt Omni Rockwell spaceshirt    
T-shirt, L, light blue, Sunburst Con    
Westercon 48 t-shirt -2    
Tor uncorrected proof 1999 Steven Siebert Cleopatra's Needle
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Robert Silverberg Majipoor Chronicles
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Robert Silverberg Valentine Pontifex
Crest paperback 1962 Clifford D. Simak Time Is the Simplest Thing
hardcover Ainslie Skinner The Harrowing
Pulphouse blank book Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch Pulphouse - The Hardback Magazine, Issue Zero A Mock-up
Khatru symposium original letters Jeff Smith Khatru Symposium and original letters
Atheneum bound proofs 1985 Stephanie A. Smith Snow-Eyes
Tor paperback 2000 Brian Stableford The Fountains of Youth
Timescape paperback 1981 Robert Stallman The Captive
Berkley paperback 1987 Sara Stamey Wild Card Run
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Cathlyn S. Starbuck Time in Mind
Magazine Starlog #200 March 1994
Ace paperback 1992, used Allen Steele Labyrinth of Night
Ace paperback 1993 Sean Stewart Passion Play
Signet proof 1988 Brad Strickland Moondreams
Ballantine paperback 1965 Theodore Sturgeon More Than Human
Crossing Press trade paperback 1991 anthology Susanna J. Sturgis, ed. Tales of Magic Realism by Women
Magnum paperback 1979 Rob Swigart A.K.A. A Cosmic Fable
Coronet paperback 1980 Rob Swigart The Time Trip
Harper Prism paperback 1995 Peter Telep Squire
Harper Prism paperback 1996 Peter Telep Squire's Honor
Ballantine paperback 1964 William Tenn The Human Angle
Ballantine paperback 1968 William Tenn The Square Root of Man
Pocket paperback 1991 Elizabeth Marshall Thomas The Animal Wife
Roc paperback 1992 Quentin Thomas Chains of Light
Forge uncorrected proof 1998 Newton Thornburg Eve's Men
Tor advance uncorrected proofs 1986 with Hartwell letter James Tiptree, Jr. Starry Rift, The
Ace paperback 1983 James Tiptree, Jr. Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home
Ballantine paperback 1975 1st pr, anthology, Silverberg intro ("ineluctably masculine") James Tiptree, Jr. Warm Worlds And Otherwise
Ballantine paperback 1975 2nd pr 1979, anthology, Silverberg intro ("ineluctably masculine") James Tiptree, Jr. Warm Worlds And Otherwise
Cover art/matted color separations Unknown Fireflood and Other Stories
Oberon Press trade paperback 1973 W. D. Valgardson Bloodflowers
Berkley paperback 1987 Sydney J. Van Scyoc Drowntide
Orb trade paperback 2002 Jack Vance Alastor
Ace paperback 1994 Nancy Varian Berberick The Panther Hoard
Berkeley paperback 1986 John Varley Blue Champagne
Berkley trade paperback John Varley Demon
Ace trade paperback 1999 John Varley Millennium
Dial Press 1977 first printing John Varley Ophiuchi Hotline, The
Ace paperback 1993 John Varley Steel Beach
Berkeley paperback 1980 John Varley The Barbie Murders
Dell paperback 1978 John Varley The Persistence of Vision
Del Rey paperback 1984 Raymond L. Velasco, Compiler A Guide to the Star Wars Universe
Dell paperback 1978 Joan D. Vinge Fireship
hardcover - book club Joan D. Vinge The Snow Queen
Ballantine unrevised proofs 1999 Katie Waitman Divided, The
T-shirt XL blue J. Warhola Lunacon '94 t-shirt, XL
Photograph & certificate Leslie What & Nina Kiriki Hoffman Dave, Amy, and Jesus
DAW paperback, 1993 1st Deborah Wheeler Jaydium
Pocket Timescape 1982 Cherry Wilder Second Nature
Houghton Mifflin hardcover 1981 1st printing with publicity material Kate Wilhelm Listen, Listen
Berkeley paperback, 1984 Kate Wilhelm Oh, Susannah!
Houghton Mifflin hardcover 1983 1st printing with publicity material Kate Wilhelm Welcome, Chaso
TSR hardcover1988 Lorraine Dille Williams, ed. Buck Rogers: The First 60 Years in the 25th Century
Harper paperback 1996 Walter Jon Williams Metropolitan
Lancer paperback 1963 Jack Williamson The Humanoids
Galleys David Wind Queen of Knights
Tor paperback 1986 Gene Wolfe Free Live Free
Pocket Timescape 1982 Gene Wolfe The Claw of the Conciliator
William Gibbons hardcover from about 1810 Mary Wollstonecraft Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Uncorrected proof Dave Wolverton The Golden Queen
Malibu Graphics - Graphic Novel 1990 Edward D. Wood, Jr. Plan 9 from Outer Space
Ace hardcover 1999 N. Lee Wood Bloodwright
Art, Unicorn Vicki Wyman  
Pocket Books Advance Uncorrected Proofs 1980 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Ariosto
HarperTrophy trade paperback 1975 Laurence Yep Dragonwings
Harper & Row hardcover 1973 Lawrence Yep Sweetwater
Bantam Spectra paperback 1992 Timothy Zahn Star Wars: Heir to the Empire

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