Potlatch 13: Progress Report 1

         POTLATCH 13 -- PROGRESS REPORT 1 -- 24 August 2003
     Where writers and readers of science fiction and fantasy
                      meet on common ground.
               February 27, 28, 29, 2004 + Seattle, WA

     Notes from the Chair
     Book of Honor
     Tiptree Bake Sale
     Dealers' Room
     How To Join
     Hotel Information

     Welcome to the first official progress report for Potlatch
     13. The committee has both experience and enthusiasm, and
     we're looking forward to bringing you an excellent weekend of
     good conversations with friends new and old.

     Potlatch 13 features something never before seen at a Seattle
     Potlatch: a BOOK OF HONOR. I think you'll agree with Jerry's
     opinion (see below) that we've made an excellent choice.

     We also have a GENERAL DISCUSSION LIST. We expect it to be
     used for programming ideas, brainstorming, convention plans -
     - even rides and roommates. Subscribe by sending a blank
     email to p13disc-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. This list is an
     open forum, we hope you enjoy the show.

     And don't forget our website, fount of all knowledge,
     tastefully maintained by Anita Rowland (URL above).

     For the many other surprises and delights we'll bring you,
     please keep reading.
     -- Luke McGuff

BOOK OF HONOR: The Shockwave Rider, by John Brunner
     First published in 1975, The Shockwave Rider has influenced
     many a computer geek and sf writer. A quick review of Google
     turned up dozens of references. Just read the table of
     contents: "Book I  The Basic Straining Manual; Book II  The
     Delphi Coracle; Book III  Splicing the Brain Race." This
     hints at the themes and inventiveness of Brunner's creation.

     Unfortunately, the book is out of print. Fortunately, you can
     find used copies online at powells.com and half.com. Your
     local used bookstores might have it, but either call ahead or
     expect to visit a few. Read it  or reread it. Get ready. Or,
     pick up Alvin Toffler's Future Shock, which inspired Brunner
     to write The Shockwave Rider. We'll have more to say in
     future Progress Reports.
     -- Jerry Kaufman, BoH Liaison

     A book as prescient as The Shockwave Rider is sure to spark
     quite lively discussion. Jerry is already arranging articles
     for future PRs and the program book. The committee has
     already started brainstorming ideas. To get your idea into
     the mix, send it to programming@potlatch-sf.org. Or subscribe
     to the p13disc list (see above) and make a post there.

     Yes indeed, we'll be having one of the infamous Tiptree bake
     sales, which raise money to support the Tiptree award for
     science fiction that explores or expands our understanding of
     gender. See www.tiptree.org for details.

     We're still in the planning stage so there aren't many
     details available right now. There will be lots of goodies;
     bring money! If you're interested in contributing or in
     helping me run the sale at the con, please email me as soon
     as possible. If you can't be at this year's Potlatch, you
     could still mail cookies to us! My email address is
     marykay@kare.ws. I'll have more details in a later PR, but
     the important things to remember are:

   * Bring a list of ingredients with your contribution.
   * Don't bring things that need refrigeration.
   * Things which are easy to divide into serving sizes work best.
   * Chocolate is always a good choice.
     -- Mary Kay Kare, Bake Sale Chair

Dealers' ROOM
     Potlatch 13 includes a superb selection of book sellers.
     Check out their websites now and their books at Potlatch.

     Book Universe, Lady Jayne (www.ladyjaynebooks.com), A Sense
     of Wonder (asenseofwonder@attbi.com), Talebones
     (www.fairwoodpress.com), Violet Books (www.violetbooks.com),
     Wrigley-Cross Books (www.wrigleycrossbooks.com), and WYSIWYG

     Dealers' room hours will be: Friday, 5 to 8 p.m.; Saturday,
     10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
     -- Marcia Goldoff

     There are several easy options to join Potlatch 13!

     Rates currently are:
         $40 until 15 February 2004 postmark
           -- mail in memberships close at that point
         $50 at the Door or via PayPal
         $20 for people aged 11-17 (under 11 free when accompanied
           by an adult).
         $10 supporting (convert to attending by paying difference
           at time of conversion.)

You can join using PayPal on our website. That URL again:

Or, you can print out the form on the website.

     For Potlatch 13, we are again using a hotel located near
     Seattle Center, the Space Needle, and the Experience Music
     Project, just north of downtown on Lower Queen Anne Hill. The
     EMP will be the home of the Science Fiction Experience
     (http://www.sciencefictionexperience.com/), scheduled to open
     in June. There are many nearby restaurants ranging from Junk
     Food of All Nations at the Center House, to really good and
     varied cuisine both on Queen Anne Hill and downtown. Our
     hotel has good rooms and amenities, function space well laid
     out for our needs, and a friendly staff.

     We even have the same rates as 2002: $79 for single/double
     and $99 for triple/quad. These are  really great room rates
     for downtown Seattle, where most "rack rates" are above $100
     even for, uhm, less than wonderful accommodations.

         200 Taylor Avenue North
         Seattle, Washington 98109
         Phone:  206-448-9444
         Fax:    206-441-7929
         Toll Free Reservations: 800-351-9444

     There is one caveat to having our convention rates:


     Please call in your reservation directly to the hotel (their
     own 800 # is listed above) or email them directly (numbers
     and email address listed above).

     You may want to check out information about the hotel on
     their web site, but please use the toll free number above to
     reserve your room, and remember to say that you are with
     Potlatch. Doing so will assure that we make our room block
     and do not have to pay more for function space, which will
     cost all of us in terms of the rate we'll have to charge for
     Potlatch itself.

     If you have questions about the hotel or need help with a
     travel- related problem, please email Suzanne Tompkins at
     hotel@potlatch- sf.org
-- Suzanne Tompkins

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