WiFi at Potlatch 13

Want to stay connected while you are at Potlatch?

The convention hotel has Wireless Internet (WiFi) service through a local ISP. Normally this costs $10 a day per person, so it would come to $30 for service every day at the convention. However we have made a deal with the Service Provider to provide unmetered service during Potlatch for a flat fee of $250. If you would like to use the service at the convention we will have a signup sheet and a donation jar in the con suite. The suggested donation is $15 (or half the regular cost of WiFi at the hotel). If you are interested in participating please email Jack Bell (jackb [at] sff.net) and let him know. If enough people commit to using the service at the convention we will decrease the suggested donation even more.

So, what do you need other than a donation? Just a laptop and a Wireless Networking (802.11B) card. If you don't have the card, let us know and we will see if we can round one up for you, but you can probably find one for less than $50 at any major computer store.

-- Jack William Bell

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