Potlatch 19: March 5-7, 2010

Writer's Workshop

Please note that the Writers Workshop deadline has passed.

This year, we're going to offer you all two options in writer's workshops. We have the Pro Workshop and a Taste of Clarion session for short stories and novels in the SF/fantasy/horror genres.

For the Pro Workshop, you will be matched in a small group with a pro for a critique of your work from the pro as well as the others in the session. Our pros will be Mary Rosenblum, Jay Lake, L. Timmel Duchamp, and Dave Goldman.

Just want a good critique? Sign up for a Taste of Clarion session. Five people will get together to critique each others stories in Clarion style. If you live out in the boonies, here's a chance to swap some good critique with other writers.

This year, we're promoting electronic submissions! I run a Windows, Word combination (so shoot me!) Send me your submission as an attached Word file (even Word Perfect can do that). That means a .doc file. Some .rtf files will work but not all. If you can't make that happen, snail mail still works. The address is 9100 SE 152nd Ave, Portland, OR 97236

The word limit for short stories is 5000.

If you're doing a novel, send in a three-page synopsis of the novel and the first chapter or two, up to 4000 words for the chapters.

With your submission, include a brief bio letter. Is this your first writer's workshop? Have you sold four stories? What do you want to do with your writing? Be sure to tell me if you want the Taste of Clarion or the Pro Workshop when you send in your submission. A copy/distribution fee of $10 must accompany your snail mail submission or you can pay via paypal on the Potlatch website.

Submissions must be received by February 9, 2007 (note new deadline).

  • Send snail mail submissions and your check made payable to OFSCI to me:
    Mary Rosenblum
    9100 SE 152nd Ave
    Portland, OR 97086
  • Send your email submissions to me at: maryrsn@comcast.net. If you do not receive an email confirmation from me, I did not get your manuscript!

    Payment for email submissions can be sent through the online registration form.