Potlatch 19: March 5-7, 2010

Notes from the Chair

Greetings from the Chair, or, in this case, the Co-Chairs. As always the Potlatch committee is on the ball planning a lively and fascinating convention for you. We’ve announced our Book of Honor, Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light. We’ve already have some lively discussion among the committee about programming as it relates to the Book of Honor, and I think it is going to lead to some of our most interesting conversations yet. We are planning on running a Writer’s Workshop as well. We can’t give you any details on that yet because we’re still settling things with the Workshop Coordinator. As soon as we know, we’ll get it up on the web page, so start polishing those submissions and watch the skies! Well, the web page anyway. Plans are underway to offer you the best in hotels, banquets, conversation, consuite goodies, and friendship. If you don’t have a membership, be sure to buy one now! Thank you for your support.

Mary Kay Kare and Suzanne Tompkins,
Potlatch 19 Co-Chairs