Potlatch 19: March 5-7, 2010

Main Program - Deca Ballroom

Friday, March 5, 2010

5:00 PM Hospitality and Registration open. Welcome to Potlatch 19!

4:00 PM Dealers' Room opens.

5:00 PM Hospitality opens (Presidential Suite)

7:00 PM Registration and Dealers' Room close for the day.

7:30 PM Writing the Other Panel (Ballroom)

8:30 PM Reading: Cherie Priest (Lobby Fireplace)

8:45 PM Clarion West Annual General Meeting (Ballroom) Everyone is invited to find out what Clarion West has been up to and their plans for the future. This is the meeting where the Board reports to interested members of the public, so you’re all welcome.

9:00 PM Clarion West Dessert Reception (Governor's Room) All Potlatch members are welcome. Clarion West thanks you for your support and help over the years!

1:00 AM Hospitality closes for the night.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

9:00 AM Hospitality opens. (Presidential Suite)

9:30 AM Reading: Amy Thomson (Lobby Fireplace)

10:00 AM Dealers' Room and Registration opens.

Listmaking Panel: Religion in SF (Ballroom)

11:30 AM Lunch Break/Nanoprogramming

1:00 PM E-Publishing Panel (Ballroom)

2:30 PM Book of Honor Panel: Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny (Ballroom)

4:00 PM Steampunk Panel (Ballroom)

5:30 PM Dinner Break/Nanoprogramming

6:00 PM Registration and Dealers' Room close for the day.

7:00 PM Hospitality Dinner Break until 9:00.

7:30 PM Trivia for Theobromos (Ballroom)

8:00 PM Clarion West Benefit Auction (Ballroom).

9:00 PM "Vanguard at Potlatch" hosted by Foolscap (Presidential Suite)

10:00 PM Auction Checkout/Teardown (Ballroom)

1:00 AM Hospitality closes for the night.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

9:00 AM Hospitality opens. (Presidential Suite)

10:00 AM Reading: Vylar Kaftan (Lobby Fireplace)

10:30 AM Reading: Eileen Gunn (Lobby Fireplace)

11:00 AM Buffet Brunch! (Ballroom) Hospitality closes for lunch until 1:00. Dealers' Room opens.

3:00 PM Dealers' Room closes.

5:00 PM Hospitality Dinner Break until 6:00 (Presidential Suite)

8:00 PM Dead Dog Party (Presidential Suite)

TBD Hospitality closes for the night.


Nanoprogram items are a special feature of Potlatch. They're the roll-your-own-program portion of our show. A Nanoprogram item can be anything you like, a continuation of discussion from a panel; a demonstration of craft, art, technology; a trip to a favored restaurant or to investigate a new one; a reading from a work in progress or an old favorite, a joint expedition to an interesting destination, such as Archie McPhee's, perhaps.

David Does Mars - On December 23, 2009, author David Levine applied to the Mars Society for the opportunity to participate in a simulated Mars mission. On December 24, 2009, David received an email telling him that there was an opening for crew 88, from January 9-23, 2010. David blogged his trip to Mars at The Days Are Just Packed and will be presenting a nanoprogram about his adventures at Potlatch 19! Also, in light of this, folks may also be interested in the current exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, which is called "Facing Mars."

Anita’s Legacy Nano – Anita Rowland was a fan and friend to Potlatch for many years, giving to everyone around her in ways small and large, not least as the guiding spirit behind many a Seattle Potlatch hospitality suite. Anita’s gone now, but her generosity lives on. Elizabeth Bourne is charged with finding new homes for all the yarns in Anita’s considerable knitting stash, and she will be giving out some of that yarn at Potlatch. If you’re a fiber artist who works with yarn and would like some of Anita’s please come to the Registration area on Saturday (check nanoprogram board for times). The one qualification, in keeping with Anita’s generosity to fandom, is that at least some of the yarn you take must go into an item that benefits fannish charities. If you have questions beforehand you can contact Elizabeth at elizabeth.bourne@comcast.net.

Knitter’s (K)nano – Ulrika O’Brien will ring lead a knitting circle after the Anita’s Legacy yarn distribution so that those who have new yarn will have a collective chance to admire and play with it. Don’t forget to pack your needles, folks! And for our crocheting, needle-felting, and embroidering bretheren and sistren, come on down! All creeds welcome. Meeting point will be by the fireplace in the lobby, with final location to be determined by those attending. Please check the nanoprogram board for time and day.

We're hoping to do a lot more Nanoprogramming this year than we have had in recent years. I’d love to see one on Buddhism (given the Book of Honor). Any Buddhists on our rolls who’d like to volunteer? It might be fun to do some short readings of Zelazny’s short fiction as nano items. Perhaps we can do Maker related things as Nanoprogramming: knitters, jewelry makers, crocheters, artists, woodcarvers – anyone want to volunteer? Or just start thinking about what you would like to get a group together to talk about.

To create your Nanoprogram event, use the signup board. During registration hours, check by the registration desk for the Nanoprogram signup board.  After registration closes, check in the Hospitality Suite on the 16th Floor.

If you have an idea in mind, sign up early, or a soon as you have an idea. Post it on the board, and others who are interested can sign up to attend. When the time comes, go have fun.

You can use the seating areas in the lobby, or landing on the mezzanine, as well as the District Lounge, to hold your Nanoprogram, if it doesn't have a natural venue of its own.