Program Survey

Here are the results from the program survey. The topics are in order of popularity. The first number is the interest in seeing that idea on the program, the second number is the number of people willing to speak or moderate.

  1. *, 3, Book of Honor: The City and the City
  2. 24, 4, Cities in SF/F The city as prop in SF novels
  3. 16, 3, Eastern Europe as a Setting Eastern Europe as backdrop to the exotic?
  4. 16, 2, Crime/Fantasy Combinations Discussion of other crime/fantasy combinations
  5. 15, 3, Science Fiction/Science Fact: NASA/Ames, astrobiology. Suggestions?
  6. 15, 1, Economic Geography and SF books
  7. 15, 1, San Jose History: Futuristic Old San Jose, the Electric City. San Jose SF writers. Silicon Valley.
  8. 13, 2, Books of Honorable Mention Discuss some of the books which were not selected.
  9. 13, 2, More Like This Discuss cool and interesting things in science fiction, feminism, technology, culture and music.
  10. 12, 3, People Suggest Books on some topic
  11. 11, 3, Action Scenes How about a discussion of well-written action scenes?
  12. 9, 2, The Transparent Society and Current Events
  13. 8, 2, What Would Sam Spade Do? What would Sam Spade do in this novel.
  14. 6, 1, Cats in the Fantastic Always popular at conventions