Writers Workshop

Potlatch 23, February 21-23, 2014


The deadline to participate in this year’s workshop was Saturday, February 1.  Please try again next year!

Welcome to the Writers’ Workshop! The workshop is open to all speculative fiction writers, regardless of experience. It’s a place to get feedback on your writing and decide what you need to work on next. You’ll have the chance to hear a professional writer critique your work, along with several of your peers. Critiques will be done in a round-robin Clarion West style. This workshop style allows all the participants to read and critique everyone’s work.

Please submit a 2,000 to 8,000 word story in .rtf or .doc format to workshop@potlatch-sf.org by midnight PST on February 1, 2014. You may send your story ahead of time. Formatting for your story should follow the guidelines at http://www.sfwa.org/writing/vonda/vonda.htm

The stories will be rounded up and emailed to the participants. Please let me know if you would prefer hard copy mailings. Please bring hard copy notes or marked-up manuscripts to the workshop.

The workshop will be held Saturday during the lunch break. Lunch will be provided. Please let me know of any dietary restrictions.

Check the website for updates as the convention approaches. To attend the workshop, you must purchase a membership to Potlatch.

While it’s not mandatory, consider getting a ticket to the banquet.  You’ll rub elbows with Potlatch’s attending guests, famous (and not-so-famous) writers, and other folk interested in the genre community.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Any questions?  Send me questions!  workshop@potlatch-sf.org


Rachel Holmen has worked at Locus Magazine and at Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, edited two anthologies, and was a World Fantasy Award judge. She’s been an art director that artists actually LIKE, and for a time she published her own zine about laptop computers, TRULY PORTABLE.

David D. Levine is the author of over fifty published science fiction
and fantasy stories. His work has appeared in markets including
Asimov’s, Analog, F&SF, and Realms of Fantasy and has won or been
nominated for awards including the Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon, and
Campbell. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Kate Yule, with
whom he co-edits the fanzine Bento. His website can be found at


Cliff Winnig’s short fiction appears in several anthologies, including When the Hero Comes Home 2, Gears and Levers 3, Footprints, and Retro Spec. The twitterzines Outshine and Thaumatrope have published his very short fiction. He’s a graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop and a three-time finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest. When not writing, he plays sitar, studies tai chi and aikido, sings, and does social dance. He can be found online at http://cliffwinnig.com.


Jude-Marie Green writes speculative fiction, and has recently been published in Penumbra, The Colored Lens, Perihelion, and Hadley Rille Books’  forthcoming anthology, World Jumping. She has edited Abyss & Apex, Noctem Aeternus, and 10Flash Quarterly. She attended Clarion West 2010 in Seattle, and currently lives in San Diego. More recently, she won the Speculative Literature Foundation’s 2013 Older Writers Grant.  http://judemarie.wordpress.com


The Potlatch 23 Writers Workshop is open for registration. It is a Clarion West-style workshop. It will take place on Saturday during the lunch break so you don’t have to miss any of the Potlatch program. If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please contact Jude-Marie Green at workshop@potlatch-sf.org.

6 thoughts on “Writers Workshop

  1. Adrienne Foster

    If there is anything I can do to support the workshop, please let me know.

    FWIW, I have coordinated 10 convention workshops and am scheduled to put together one for Sasquan.

  2. Craig Cook

    Does the story need to be a complete work? Or can the opening chapter(s) of a novel be submitted, within the word count guidelines?


    1. Jude-Marie Green

      Hi Craig,

      While we’d prefer a complete short story, we also accept first chapters within the word count. If you submit a novel portion, please also send along a short (1 page) summary of the story.

      Hope to see you there!

      Jude-Marie Green

  3. Craig Cook


    Sorry, one more question. Is the due time at midnight separating January 31st and February 1st, or February 1st and 2nd? As midnight conceptually doesn’t seem to me to belong to the day on either side of it. I know I could use the extra day but I’ll go with what I have if I don’t have that day.


    1. saycestsay@gmail.com

      Hi Craig,

      Ideally, I’d love the story submission between now and Saturday. However I won’t be off to the printer until Sunday morning. So you could have an extra half-day.

      Jude-Marie Green

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