Book of Honor: Women Destroy Science Fiction!

This year we have picked something different for our Book of Honor. It’s not a decades-old, canonical Great Book of the field — in fact, technically, it’s not even a book. It’s the June 2014 issue of Lightspeed, the online magazine of science fiction and fantasy, “Women Destroy Science Fiction.” The editors set out to challenge the idea that women have no place in science fiction by publishing an all-women issue with new and reprinted stories, essays, and interviews. The issue has become a sparkplug for exciting on-line conversations, and we want to continue and build on those conversations at Potlatch.

Much of the issue is available for free at June 2014 Lightspeed Magazine, and the entire issue can be purchased in various ereader and print formats at Women Destroy SF.

Good News!
We’re pleased to announce we have the limited print edition of “Women Destroy Science Fiction” for a special discounted price of $20 (regular price is $30). This edition, a trade paperback over 450 pages, includes color illustrations and a special story not in the regular edition.

We also have copies of two special companion volumes, “Women Destroy Fantasy” and Women Destroy Horror,” for $9 each (regularly $12.99). You can pay in advance and we’ll give them to you at Potlatch, or you can pay $5 to have us ship copies to you. (We’ll honor shipping requests up to January 24, two weeks prior to the convention.)

Please click here if you would like to order copies.

If you want the standard print edition or e-reader edition, you can purchase these at any time from Lightspeed at Or you can read the stories, essays, or other material at the website, for free.

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