Potlatch 24 Committee

Chair: Jane E. Hawkins
Hotel: Suzanne Tompkins
Registration: Linda Deneroff
At-Con Registration: Glenn Glazer
Auction: Micaiah “Huw” Evans
Publications: Jane E. Hawkins, Jerry Kaufman, Karen G. Anderson
Hospitality: Jane E. Hawkins
Open Logistics: tk
Local Guide: Chris Wallish and Andy Smith
Dealers Room: Jack William Bell
Writers Workshop: Jude-Marie Green
Website: Karen G. Anderson, Jane E. Hawkins

Additional committee members and advisors: Tom Becker, Glenn Hackney, Ulrika O’Brien, Kate Schaefer, Tom Whitmore.

One thought on “Potlatch 24 Committee

  1. Marci Malinowycz

    Question: Will this Potlatch have nanoprogramming? Of course, it need not, being in effect Potlatch 2.0 and not necessarily bound by old traditions. However, if it will support nanos, or any small member-generated events, whatever you choose to call them, a heads-up is welcome, as some of them work better with a bit of advance planning. I’ve always enjoyed holding a nano or two, and joining in others’ nanos, and already I’m thinking of ideas that I might do during this Potlatch. Thanks!

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