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Potlatch 24 Writers Workshop details

There will be a writers workshop with small critique groups led by professional writers at Potlatch 24 on Saturday during the lunch break. It includes lunch for participants.

To participate in the workshop, you much have a Potlatch membership and you will need to email your 2,000- to 8,000-word story to the workshop organizer by Jan. 23.

Interested? You’ll find all the details on our Writers Workshop page.

Book of Honor Discount

We’re pleased to announce that John Joseph Adams, publisher of Lightspeed, has made a special offer to Potlatch members: you can buy the limited print edition of “Women Destroy Science Fiction” for a special discounted price. This edition, a trade paperback over 450 pages, includes color illustrations and a special story not in the regular edition.

John and the Potlatch committee are still working out the details of logistics and cost, but if you are interested in getting a copy please let us know now (if you are already a member) or at the time you buy a membership prior to the convention.

If you’re more of an e-reader, John has also offered a special limited edition that includes the special story, at the same price as the standard edition, $3.99. We are also working on the logistics for this offer as well.

Remember, if you want the standard print edition or ereader edition, you can purchase this at any time from Lightspeed at Or you can read the stories, essays, or other material at the website, for free.

Potlatch 23 Review

Potlatch 23 happened on February 21-23, 2014 in the Sainte Claire Hotel. As the chair, I’d like to thank everyone who attended the conference. It was great to see how it was in full swing even before opening ceremonies.

The program was a success. I didn’t see as much of it as I wanted, because I was running around, but I liked what I saw, all the panels were well attended, and I heard a lot of discussion continuing between panels and on into the evening. The program ideas were suggested and voted on by members of the conference, who also volunteered to be on the program. This was an experiment in self-organization. My thanks to everyone involved for making it work so well.

The Clarion West Benefit Auction was a big success. It raised over $1700, which is above average and particularly impressive given that Potlatch 23 had fewer members than most. Only two unsold items were left at the end. Thank you to Dawn Plaskon, Cindy Scott, Linda Deneroff, and Peggy Rae Sapienza for organizing, and to auctioneers Ellen Klages and Tom Whitmore for a very entertaining performance.

There were many positive comments about the consuite. We have to give a huge thanks to Karen Schaffer who had to overcome many obstacles including key staff members who could not attend, and not even having a room for the consuite until a week before the con. Thanks also to Rich McAllister, Mike Ward, Ruth Leibig and Donya Hazard White for their help in making the consuite such a welcoming and comfortable place.

Randy Smith organized at-con registration. Unfortunately, because of a funeral that came up at the last minute, Randy was not able to be at most of the con. Thanks to Glenn Glazer and Amy Martin for putting in a lot of extra hours at the registration table and making it work.

Thank you to Lucy Huntzinger for the program book and David Bratman for the monumental local restaurant guide.

The dealers room had Other Change of Hobbit, Cargo Cult Books, and PM Press, offering books, books, and more books. It went over very well with the Potlatch crowd. Thanks to David Gallaher for organizing it.

The writers workshop was well attended, with eleven participants. Thank you to Jude-Marie Green for organizing, and to David D. Levine, Rachel Holmen and Cliff Winnig for serving as critiquers.

The Potlatch 23 T-shirts featured another stunning design by Freddie Baer. There is one shirt hasn’t been sold yet, so it now is a rare collector’s item. Look for it at the Clarion West Benefit Auction at a future Potlatch.

There will be a Potlatch 24. Watch this space, and subscribe to the Potlatch [announce] mailing list for information. See you next year in Seattle!

Potlatch 23 Progress Report #8

The Tiptree Bake Sale is on! Ruth Leibig is running the traditional Tiptree bake sale on Saturday at 3:00pm in the con suite. Bring your baked goods to the con suite on Friday and Saturday, bring your money to buy some of the delicious treats we’ll have available. Proceeds support the James Tiptree, Jr. Award, an annual literary prize for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender. The 2013 winner and books of honor have just been announced.

Need directions to get to the con? They’re up on the website now!

There is still one Con or Bust sponsored membership/banquet ticket left.

See you at the convention!

Potlatch 23 Progress Report #7

Cliff Winnig will be joining David Levine and Rachel Holmen as critiquers for the workshop. His short fiction appears in many places, including the forthcoming When The Hero Comes Home 2 (Dragon Moon Press) and The Aether Age: Helios (Hadley Rille Books). He is a graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop.

Stitches West, a fiber experience for knitters and crocheters, will be taking place in nearby Santa Clara, CA, over the same weekend as Potlatch. They start a little earlier than we do, so some of our knitting members might find this a rewarding way to pass the pre-con hours on Friday.

The Sainte Claire Hotel is beautiful and it’s in a great location in downtown San Jose. You’re going to want to stay there. The deadline for reserving a room is this Thursday, February 6th. Reservation information is at

Freddie Baer has created a fabulous T-shirt design for Potlatch 23. Check it out: Quantities will be limited, so if you want one (you really do want one, this is superb art), you can pre-order it at

Join now to participate in the discussion! Potlatch 23 memberships are $50. Youth memberships are $25. Children 6 and under may attend free. The banquet brunch on Sunday morning is $25. And you can order a T-shirt for pick up at the con.

Potlatch 23 Progress Report #6


There are thirteen excellent ideas for programs, suggested by the members of the convention, and now it’s time to pick your favorites. We have time for seven or eight program items, though if more topics get a lot of votes then we’ll try to squeeze those in as well.

We also hope you’ll participate in the program by volunteering to speak or moderate a panel. But no matter what, please let us know what you’d like to see. The deadline for voting is January 31st.


Here’s a taste of the many museums located near the convention.

The Tech Museum of Innovation
201 S. Market (1 block north of the hotel)
Open daily
Special exhibit: “Star Wars: The Exhibition”
(Discount for Potlatch members on admissions to the museum gallery, the Star Wars exhibit (priced separately), and the gallery/IMAX combo. Just show your Potlatch membership badge to the cashier.)

San Jose Museum of Art
110 S. Market (2 blocks north)
Closed Monday
Special exhibits: “Around the Table: food, creativity, community” and “What’s Your Angle?”

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
520 S. First (3 blocks south)
Open Wednesday-Sunday
Special exhibits: “Metamorphosis: Clothing and Identity” and “Tasty, too!”

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
560 S. First (3 blocks south)
Open Tuesday-Saturday
Special exhibit: “Toriawase”

Children’s Discovery Museum
180 Woz Way (2 1/2 blocks south and west)
closed Monday
Special exhibit: “Imagination Playground”

Japanese American Museum
535 N. First (1 1/4 miles, on light rail)
Open Thursday-Sunday, 12-4 PM only
Sunday, 5 pm: photojournalist Darrell Miho speaks on recovery in Japan’s disaster areas

For the complete list, please go here:


Join now to participate in the discussion! Potlatch 23 memberships are $50. Youth memberships are $25. Children 6 and under may attend free. The banquet brunch on Sunday morning is $25. And you can order a T-shirt for pick up at the con.


The Sainte Claire Hotel is beautiful and it’s in a great location in downtown San Jose. You’re going to want to stay there. Reservation information is at

Potlatch will have a banquet brunch on Sunday morning, catered by Il Fornaio. They do a really good brunch. Banquet tickets are only $25 at

Last year, Potlatch 22 was held in conjunction with Foolscap 2013. It was fun. This year, I’m coming back to Foolscap and hosting a Potlatch party. Foolscap 2014 is January 31st – February 2nd. in Redmond, Washington. Check out for info. I hope to see you there!