Potlatch 7


Potlatch traditionally divides any profit made between the Clarion West Writers' Workshop and a local charity of the committee's choice. This year, our choice was the East Bay Education Network.

The East Bay Education Network (TEN) was founded in 1993 with the goal of helping bright but underachieving, economically disadvantaged minority students in the Richmond schools to reach their full potential.

TEN's core program starts with students in the fourth grade, offering them individual remedial help and classroom sessions on Saturdays designed to both reinforce and supplement the school curriculum. The program also includes enrichment activities and field trips to broaden students' horizons and encourage them to take part in a wider community. Through these activities, volunteers also provide the students mentoring and role models. TEN pledges to work with the students in its core program through high school, helping them develop the skills they will need to be successful, whether they decide to go on to college or enter the work force.

TEN recognizes that there are many students in need of help in the community it serves. In the fall of 1997, TEN, in partnership with the Richmond Library, began offering homework help sessions open to the community at large. These sessions, organized and staffed by TEN volunteers, provide an assisted study hall at the Richmond Library one evening a week during the school year. Participation is on a drop-in, first come-first serve basis. This program is attracting an increasing number of students and volunteers, and TEN hopes to expand to more nights and locations in the future.

TEN is volunteer organization, supported primarily through donations from individuals. TEN appreciates the support of Potlatch and its members.

—Ruth Lafler, Board Member, The East Bay Education Network

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