Potlatch 7

The Dictionary Game

Time:Friday, 9:30 p.m.
Moderator:Janet Lafler
Players: Lisa Hirsch, Joanne Lafler, Edward Lopez, Jon Singer

In this game, the players wrote fake definitions for real words. The moderator read the player definitions plus the real one, then the audience voted on which definition they thought was real. Players received points for the number of audience members who voted for their definition.

Every player won the majority of the audience votes at least once over the course of the game. In the end, the winner was Lisa Hirsch, with Truth coming in second. Much fun was had by all.

Following is the list of words compiled for the game by Karen Schaffer and Janet Lafler, including the real definitions and source references for the suspicious. Words marked with an asterisk weren't used.

Dictionary key: B - Mrs. Byrneís; CH - Chamberís 20th Century Dictionary; E - Endangered English; MW - Merriam Webster Collegiate 10th; W - Websterís Unabridged; OED - what, you donít recognize the initials?

Word Pronunciation Definition Src Conf
averruncator av - er - un' - cay - ter an instrument for cutting off the branches of trees at a height above the head, consisting of a pair of pruning shears, or a knife-blade working with a hook, mounted on a pole and worked by a string or wire OED CH
dornick dor' - nik a stone small enough to throw MW W
errhine* air' - rine sneeze-provoking B OED
frazil fray' - zil ice formed in the bottom of streams OED CH
gilravage gul - rav' - ij a noisy frolic CH OED
guttatim gu - tah' - tim drop by drop B OED
hallucal hal' - you - cul pertaining to the big toe B, E OED
jinjili, gingili jin' - ji - lee a species of sesame; an oil made from its seeds CH OED
pogonip pahg' - gu - nip a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S. MW W
porrigo* por - eye' - go scalp disease of various kinds CH OED
sciolism sigh' - uh -lism a superficial show of learning MW OED
suint sue' - int or swint dried perspiration of sheep deposited in the wool and rich in potassium salts CH OED

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