Potlatch 7

Eugene, Oregon Plans Potlatch Bid

Loren MacGregor

The 1996 World Horror Convention was a great success, and many of the committee members were pleased to be able to work on it, but almost everyone connected with the effort seemed oddly unwilling to spend another year or two playing "I Was A Slave To A Monster Con." One or two were even heard to mutter, "I have a life, you know."

So they've decided to scale back. Just a bit.

Chris York, Lynn Adamns, D.T. Steiner, Sean and Rose Prescott, area newcomers Lauryn and Loren MacGregor, and many other Eugene science fiction fans, are throwing their hats into the ring, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and humbly crying, like a character in Dickens, "Barkus is willin'."

With the blessings of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSCFI), Eugene would like to take this opportunity to say that a Potlatch in Eugene would be a splendid idea.Tentatively scheduled for January 22, 23 and 24, 1999, in the Eugene/Springfield area, a Eugene Potlatch would provide reasonably priced accommodations, a convenient central location, and nearly 20 nearby restaurants offering a wide variety of food in nearly every price range.

Lauryn and Loren MacGregor will be our representatives at Potlatch 7, so collar either or both of them, shake their ears, and ask them to tell you about Eugene in 1999.

For further information, please write to:

Potlatch 1999 Information
c/o York
P0. Box 41401
Eugene, OR 97404

or email: Loren MacGregor

You can also use:

Loren MacGregor
1484 Green Acres Road
Eugene, OR 97408

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