Potlatch 7
Just the Facts
Potlatch 7
January 16-18, 1998
Jack London Inn
Oakland, CA


Clarion West
East Bay Education Network

Membership rates

$30 to Jan 1, 1998
$35 at the door
$20 one day
$15 kids under 13
$10 t-shirts
$15 brunch tickets
The Committee
Chair and Condiment Bar
Guy Thomas


Mary Kay Kare


Ruth Lafler
Karen Schaffer

Dealers' Room

Sarah Goodman

Hotel Liaison

Debbie Notkin

Native Guide

Lisa Hirsch


Lenny Bailes
Alan Bostick
David Bratman
Bill Humphries
Jeanne Gomoll
D. Potter


Tom Becker


Doug Faunt


Lyn Paleo

Tiptree Bake Sale

Donya White


Lucy Huntzinger
Karen Schaffer

Writer's Workshop

Phoebe Reeves
Committee without Portfolio (aka Other Volunteers):
Sheila Bostick, Marci Malinowycz, Spike Parsons, Carol Squires

Ruth Lafler and Karen Schaffer (Consuite) thank everyone who helped throughout the weekend, including but not limited to:

Alyson Abramowitz, Ellie Farrell, Glenn Hackney, Ian Hagemann, Julie Humphries, Mary Kay Kare, Janet Lafler, Lauryn MacGregor, Loren MacGregor, Samia Martz, Marci Malinowycz, Cheryl Morgan, Kate Schaefer, and Geri Sullivan. A special thanks to Sarah Goodman for the magnificent Russian samovar used for the afternoon tea!

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