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Welcome to Oakland, a lovely city with a diverse population, lots of good bookstores, many historic sites, and excellent restaurants!

All addresses are in Oakland, unless otherwise specified; all area codes are 510 unless indicated otherwise. (Note: the peninsula - Palo Alto, Menlo Park, etc. - is now area code 650.) All places are wheelchair accessible unless otherwise stated. Despite our best efforts, there may be typos in addresses or phone numbers, so don't panic if you get someone's personal answering machine! Have fun, and feel free to consult your current and past Native Guides (and any Bay Area natives) for additional suggestions and opinions. Other good resources for sites, events, and schedules are the East Bay Express, SF Weekly, and SF Bay Guardian, our local free papers (find 'em on many streetcorners), and the Pink Section of the Sunday Chronicle/Examiner.

Please note that these were researched for January, 1998. Things may have changed since.

Compiled by Lisa Hirsch
Book & Music Store Tour
Compiled by Debbie Notkin & Guy Thomas
Compiled by Lisa Hirsch
Craft Tour
Compiled by Lyn Paleo
Stores & Stuff
Compiled by Lisa Hirsch
Silicon Valley Quick Guide
Compiled by David Bratman

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