Potlatch 7

What is Potlatch?
Sarah Goodman

Long ago, in a galaxy very, very close, a con was a con was a con, and you pretty much knew what to expect when you got there. But the galaxy, and fandom, has grown, and science fiction conventions are no longer heterogeneous. We want all who come to Potlatch 7 to enjoy themselves, so we want to make sure that you know that we have (or don't have) what you want.

Potlatch is a single track, discussion and conversation oriented, small convention with a somewhat literary bent.

Potlatch is not a multi-con, an omni-con or any other sort of convention that tries to meet the needs of multiple fannish interest groups. (Don't get us wrong, we like that kind of convention, too; but it's not the convention we're putting on.)

What you will find at Potlatch

interesting programming,
interesting ideas,
lots of discussion--before, during and after panels,
audience participation,
micro programming (aka Algonquins, nano-programming, ad hoc programming, SIGs, BOFs and "let's go out to lunch and talk about Patrick O'Brien"),
a cozy, comfortable con suite,
some very silly stuff,
a book-oriented dealers room,
lots of congenial people to converse with, hang out with, go out to dinner with, and generally enjoy.

What you will NOT find at Potlatch

a film or video room,
an art show,
a masquerade,
multiple tracks of programming,
filk, game, costume, SMOF, art, anime, cartoon or whatever programming,
live action role-playing games,
et (as the King of Siam says) cetera.

Does this mean that no one will decide to take off to a local movie house with a bunch of friends, or wear silly hats, or show off a portfolio to some friends? Of course not, but it isn't an official part of the convention. And, if past Potlatches are any guide, the chances are strong that the programmed discussions (to say nothing of the Algonquins) will range over all aspects of interest to the people there, but that's happenstance, not planning. Think of us as a picnic in the park with friends. Come on over, we're waiting to meet you.

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