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Book of Honor Discount

We’re pleased to announce that John Joseph Adams, publisher of Lightspeed, has made a special offer to Potlatch members: you can buy the limited print edition of “Women Destroy Science Fiction” for a special discounted price. This edition, a trade paperback over 450 pages, includes color illustrations and a special story not in the regular edition.

John and the Potlatch committee are still working out the details of logistics and cost, but if you are interested in getting a copy please let us know now (if you are already a member) or at the time you buy a membership prior to the convention.

If you’re more of an e-reader, John has also offered a special limited edition that includes the special story, at the same price as the standard edition, $3.99. We are also working on the logistics for this offer as well.

Remember, if you want the standard print edition or ereader edition, you can purchase this at any time from Lightspeed at Or you can read the stories, essays, or other material at the website, for free.